A few thoughts on life.

Well this week has come to a close and I can say that I am 100% done with it (as per). Its been a tough one. It’s been a wild one. Quick catch up for you all

  1. Relationships (not mine) have been tested
  2. My dog had a stroke and he is recovering
  3. Friendship’s have been tested as well (sadly mine).


The List shall be expanded below. Grab a brew and a snack… It’s a long one.

  1.  I know relationships are messy, everyone makes mistakes but how many mistakes does it take for someone to realise they aren’t worth their time? I hate seeing the people close to me get messed about time and time again YET are still willing to make it work. Well it has all come tumbling down for someone close to me and it is horrible. She isn’t letting it get to her but inside you can see some of the pain he has left her in. She doesn’t deserve it (I know everyone says that) but I truly believe she doesn’t. All she ever wanted was him to love her as much as she loved him. If you’re reading this and you know who this is about we can all agree she can do better. Karma always comes around and trust me… I have made a few choices in relationships that have hurt people so I can’t talk. Karma got me and I suffered which was fair but people move on and learn from things etc.. Now I am with a person I love and would gladly just stay with without fear of getting bored or worried. She will find someone.. she’s a solid 10, loves banter and she’s an all around good person. I just hope this doesn’t change that. Just takes some time to get over. She needs to get out there, have fun with friends and realise that there is much more to life than him.
  2. 29th September, my 22nd birthday and the day the dog had a stroke and ended up paralysed from the head down. Classic Skip. He has always been a weird dog. We have always thought he has some sort of neurological problem because he will just shake and stare at the floor and fall asleep standing up. He’s eight now so that’s oldish for a dog like skip and he was from a man who we assume did not look after him as well as he deserves. He is scared of everything including mops, gloves, prams and newspapers. He is great with people and kids and super cute. Patterdale and Jack Russell mixed. Honestly though this stroke has made him a different dog, he can’t walk, we have to tend to him all the time because he can’t control anything and he cries when he is left alone for a bit. We don’t mind. I work part-time so I am in during the day and then the family look after him at night, it’s a real team effort. However today he has amazed us all and managed to get himself up all by himself. It wasn’t for long but by god we where all cheering and all screaming (…quietly) and it was amazing. Pets really do just become part of the family. For all of you who are thinking is it cruel? No, he has a perfectly fine chance of getting better and even after a week he has made massive progress.
  3. This has been a tough one for me this month… I’ve lost two good friends because they literally can’t be arsed treating me like a friend. If it’s one thing I pride myself in its being a good friend. I am sick of organising things with them for them to let me down or not shown for example my 22nd. I am sick of being there for them and yet where are they when I need them? I guess by the age of 22 I felt like I should have friends who I know would be there for me. I guess some people I know will read these posts and know who I am on about and you’re more than likely right. However out of the two people there was one that got me way more. One of them I just let go because it isn’t the first time and I can’t be arsed. We all expect it from them now so it’s the usual now. However, one person really got me. Ryan didn’t even understand me untill I stood there at the bottom of his stairs just crying..(yes crying.. bare in mind I was on my period but.. still). I am a person who likes having people there for me and you know when the person you consider to be an extremely close friend just can’t be arsed with no reason as to why? Just got me down. I have a few close friends now that I can rely on without a shadow of a doubt and I know I can depend on when needed and I have Ryan. It is just hard when people you think are gonna be there for a while just aren’t.

Wow, that was long and boring.. thanks for reading.

Hope the brew isn’t cold from all the suspenseful moments you have had to encounter…

Just a few casual thoughts from this week




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