The Ordinary Review. (MAKE UP AND SKINCARE)

I have been waiting a while to write this review. I fell in love with it straight away. However I did to leave it a while see how it reacted to my skin and see if it was really worth the hype.

What is this product I am chatting on about?


I have seen Wayne Goss talk about it for months on his YouTube channel and I think it was about time I ordered some of their products.

So I basically have had a whole load of issues trying to get this product in my hands. I ordered from a website which I don’t want to name because I’m all for promoting and not demoting. Anyhow, I order it months ago and every time I email they say oh “we are waiting for a shipment”. I mean come on, you said you finally had it in stock and I was on the waiting list. Anyway, I literally canceled my order with them because they kept talking about shipments and telling me to wait another three months. This was ordered when the colours first came out. Anyway, it’s now September and I’m like, is this product really worth it?

Anyway, I order again in October. I order the wrong shade. Cancel the order. Order it again. This time. I order the right shade and I also pick up two more items because it’s so fekkin cheap! I ordered it with the standard delivery because I am perfectly fine with my Benefit make-up. It came after three days. Perfect.

So what did I order?

I ordered –

High Adherence Silicone Primer by the Ordinary – £3.90

AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling solution by the Ordinary – £6.30

Serum Foundation with SPF15 – 1.0P – Very Fair by the Ordinary Colours – £5.70

LOOK HOW CHEAP IT IS! I mean yeah the bottles are small but… so worth it!

Okay before we begin I would just like to clarify that my pro list is going to be so much longer than the Cons section. I cannot begin to tell you how much I love it.

My skin is a mixture of oily and dry. I wouldn’t say I get that many spots. I just get them every time I am on my womanly week. I am also super pale and I like to refer to my undertones as Corned Beef (I have got blue, red and splodgy undertones). That’s just an introduction to my skin.


Foundation – The range of colours in this foundation is amazing. I find it really hard to get a foundation that doesn’t go orange throughout the day or just look orange on me. I normally use Benefit, Charlotte Tilbury or Urban Decay as I like full, buildable coverage. However, this foundation really does rival them all. The bottle is minimalistic as well and it is a handy size. I have also realized that the lid screws left to unlock and right to lock, which I really like because then you’ll never end up losing the detachable lid. There is a reason this foundation was so hard to get hold of. The serum itself is perfect. It is super blend-able and I have tried with a foundation brush and a Beauty Blender. My routine now is to apply with a brush and then blend with the beauty blender to just go over any patches that may need more coverage e.g the side of my nose, my forehead and my chin. Its super liquid-y and I love that. I just basically press the bottle straight on my face and as it runs down I just blend. It doesn’t go oxidize throughout the day either. It literally stays put and I still don’t see any of them pesky patches that just dissolve into the skin. It really is great. I use this foundation as my every day because it is super cheap and it also hasn’t brought me out in any spots. It literally is everything I want in a foundation and it has now become my make-up must have. I don’t think I can think of many negatives about this product to be honest apart from the size of the bottle. The waiting list is insane and I really don’t want to be put back on it to get my second bottle because I think I will run out of it sooner than later. Maybe if they made the bottles bigger and put a bigger price tag on it then I would still pay for it.

Primer – The primer. The first thing I can say about this primer is how good it has actually made my skin. I love it! It smells so good as well. You know when you press the bottle to try and get a whiff? Well, it doesn’t actually smell until you start to blend it into your face and by God… when you blend it and actually smell it… You’ll love it. It doesn’t make your skin dry at all. It is super refreshing and I feel when I put it on I am actually helping my skin and not clogging it up with rubbish. It also helps the foundation stay on my skin. They are the perfect team. I am so glad that I actually bought this as well.

The Peeling Solution – Okay, this is the least used out of all the products. I heard that it is really good for spotty skin as it literally is a form of acid that burns the top layer of skin and gets rid of all the nasties! However… I don’t have spotty skin. I have breakouts but it isn’t something I have had to deal with. However, I got this more for my little sister who suffers from acne which makes her self-confidence hit rock bottom. So I don’t really have much of an opinion on this. I have only used it twice and I did like it. My skin was a little red and it burnt a little but I guess that’s how I know it is working. I still wouldn’t say no to this product.

Overall this brand of skincare and make up is super duper cheap and it is amazing quality. It has everything you want from and a brand and I love it. I really really really want to buy the whole skincare line and test and review everything for you guys to read. I love it. I think you should all go and try and buy it. You have to do it online though and use a foundation matcher online to work out what is the best colour for your skin.

Hope you liked the read.



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