Wonder Review (2017)


Overall – 4/5 astronauts.

Wonder is heart-warming, sentimental and takes a massive place in my heart. It shows us that nobody is perfect, we all have a backstory, we are all facing our own battles and to really get to know someone you have to ask. August (Auggie) has Treacher Collins Syndrome (TCS) that affects facial features and has to undergo surgery to help him in his everyday life. Not only do we get the backstory to Auggie’s life but we get the back story to his sister’s life and his friends lives. It is a whirlwind of a film full of every different emotion. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you will most certainly understand why it is so important to get to know people before you judge them. I believe that this film should 100% be shown to younger children to make them understand how important it is to be nice to everyone.

As always the film review is spoiler free.

The film is a book adaptation, I haven’t read the book yet but after the film I am most certainly going to buy it. I can’t help but fall in love with almost every character in the film. The key characters are the kids and that is what makes it more heart-warming. It is nice to see it from a Childs perspective. It gives you Auggies story and obviously that is the main story that the film leads with. It shows you every high and every low that this child has to face. Let me tell you he has had to face some low points but it is with the love, commitment and patience that his parents and sister have shown that make him a lot stronger and more understanding. I can’t tell you how much I loved this film. However the downside is that you don’t get a backstory into mum and dad and get to see all the things they have had to go through to let Auggie live the life he has got. Not every family in America can have a nice two story in New York, afford all the health care and surgeries so it kinda seemed like Auggie was very fortunate to have what he has got and be born into that family. I am sure in the book it would let us know more about the family as a whole but even so it shoudnt have been cut from the film. It was still nearly 2 hours long and I felt like a lot more could have been added to it to make it more contextualised and it is not often that I say that. I kinda also felt that Auggie was at times very self-centred which is understandable considering how much attention his parents gave him so I felt like it was nice to see how other children felt including his sister Olivia (Via). I really like Via, the character as a whole is the most relatable. She is the most understanding, caring and loyal character you’re shown a background too. I enjoyed her story, her downfalls and highlights.  One thing I did learn is that kids are brutal and extremely cruel and parents who support that kind of behaviour are downright disgusting. I am not a parent or even close to being one but if my child was to treat another child the way one certain character does in the film then I would be furious.


Overall the film was super cute and heart-warming and I loved every single minute of it.


Thanks for reading, if you have watched the film then please comment on what you thought… did you like it? did you hate it?



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