Christmas blogging and where the bloody hell have you been?

Good morning ever-y-body! Okay so yeah, where the hell have I been? All the blogging has come to a hot and I have hardy wrote two words this month. Well… if you follow me on my Instagram (@enchantedthoughtsblog) you’d know that I have really been pushing that more than anything so that is why I haven’t really been around much. However, recently in the film world of things there have been two major things happen and for one they happened to be whilst I was on holiday in Berlin so I couldn’t really write about it. So I am so behind on my reviews as it is. What are the two big things happening in the film world? Well, we have had the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi and we have had Disney buying Fox. I have so much to say that I am going to be doing individual posts for both of these so I can really get my point across and not have to look at it and think… Oh my god I could be boring these people. I have already started my Star Wars Review and let me tell you that it has been super hard to try and not spoil anything (you guys all know that my reviews are spoiler free so I just can’t do that to people), My god, It has been so so hard to try and say what happens whilst giving my perspective on the film. I am super excited to get back into my blogging. I hopefully have a few exciting things coming in the new year for me and my blog so fingers crossed and I guess hard work starts to pay off in the end.

Thanks for being so patient with me.



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