I am the classic twenty two year old who went to University to study History and is now finding it really hard to get a job. I find the lack of deadlines and routine challenging hence why I have started a blog. I want to do something creative and do something that I want to get up for every morning. I am nothing special … I am quite boring with an odd personality. I am down to earth, I like being around people and I like having some sort of meaning to my life. I don’t do any sport apart from the occasional badminton match with my boyfriend and I used to swim… like super competitive sort of swimming. I used to do horse riding and synchronized swimming. That’s kinda fun? I do enjoy my life, I have an amazing boyfriend, a few good friends and a good support network behind me.

I like being dramatic that’s what makes me who I am. I like people laughing at something and always being happy. I am extremely loyal if you treat me right and if you remain loyal to me. I am one of them people who you can just come to and trust 100%. I have made ‘mistakes’ but the mistakes have led me to where I am now, and right now? I wouldn’t change anything. I am not overly confident at all, but people think I come across confident and it takes a while to get used to my humour…I’ve been told. I am a Pessimistic Optimist, I believe in Karma and Auras and stuff like that… I cant see stuff or anything but I always say I am a vibe kinda person… think what you will of that.

I have a part-time job at the cinema near me. I love films and TV and things like that, Netflix and NowTV are life so I imagine most of my blog will be Film and TV reviews along with life experience stuff?? I have no idea what this is gonna be like… this blog will more than likely be an organized mess. I am into politics and I really enjoy studying the Victorian Period and American Politics, maybe some stuff about that? I like Abba and the Rat Pack, I’m old before my days…

God knows… It is all very personal here, isn’t it?

I hope I haven’t put you off me because I sound like a right weirdo over text so here is a photo to put a face to all this –