Blade runner 2049

Let me start off with the rating (out of five) and by letting you know its spoiler free –

3 OUT OFOverall 3/5 – 45 minutes to long, extremely pretty, sound track is spot on…

Okay, so to begin I really like the original and its super cool take with the Sci-Fi Genre, its one of the classics really coming to think of it yet Blade Runner 2049 is nothing compared. It’s a longun which I went in knowing but jesus they didn’t half drag it out at certain points. I get that it craves all the needs of every Sci-Fi fanatic out there HOWEVER I am speaking as one person.. As a woman who takes some interest in Sci-Fi but not a lot, for example.. I like Doctor Who and Star Wars and one of the Alien films but I will give most films a try, so I don’t know where I stand on knowing about actual hardcore Sci-Fi so don’t judge… however I can talk for the people who got tag teamed to go with a super fan. SO LETS GET INTO THIS SPOILER FREE review…

Soundtrack and Picture – Firstly, we couldn’t actually read what it was saying at the beginning because the cinema decided to leave it out of focus so we just assumed what it said and then it got sorted so whatever. Then it kicked in, first thing I noticed was the sounds. It was so crisp and clear, ASMR lovers could genuinely just sit there and be catered for the whole way through the film.. I would recommend closing your eyes for some scenes but then I guess you couldn’t see how visually pretty it is. The colours, the scenes… everything was so nice. Yet again 45 minutes could have been cut when it just really stretches out some scenes that really do not need to be stretched out. I have to say, the sound and the visuals are the best thing about it.

The Cast – Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford make a really good paring and they work well off each other. Ryan Gosling was amazing in it! However with knowing Ford from Star Wars I just wanted him to run out with a lightsaber and be followed by Chewie, but that’s due to me liking Star Wars (RIP Han Solo, ammirite?… if you don’t know about his death then where have you been?) and not due to his acting skills because he is spot on as always… The casting choice was spot on. His partner (Ana de Armas) was absolutely stunning as well, they make a pairing that are so talent and well worth a watch even just for that on the big screen. However I am not a massive fan of Jared Leto but in his film he was really pointless. The right amount of Jared Leto in this film would have been about two minutes and no more. He was hardly in it as it is and his little side kick needed to be kicked sooner. However my boyfriend loved the amount of Leto and the henchman and believe me when I say he is the hardcore Sci-Fi lover, he loved the film and can’t flaw it… So it really is a personal preference.

Overall storyline – Overall it’s so predictable, I guessed straight away at what was happening and I can’t believe people didn’t actually get it until the ending and I guess the extra minutes felt like forever once you guess the plot. I know there where theories and stuff behind it and I wish I was more into it to discuss them all. My boyfriend loved the whole thing once again so again personal preference but.. ya know.. predictable and wasn’t my cup of tea. I am hardly the biggest Sci-Fi nerd to bless the earth though and I can see why the Holy Sci-Fi Nerds amongst us love it, I get it.. I do, I am however entitled to an opinion and that’s mine. I’m sorry, but I am hardly writing a review people will take in to account.

I will finish by saying even though I gave it three paper unicorns, I do recommend watching it and seeing for yourself. You’ll either like it or you won’t and one persons opinion should not change that. It will go down as being a cult favourite so if you’re into films like this then go.. go and watch.



WATCH THE TRAILER – Blade Runner Trailer



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