The Death of Stalin Review

meowsph stalin

Overall – 4/5 Meowsph Stalin’s – Really funny, dark humour in sort of bad taste? Different point of view from what we normally see. characters are cast well even though they do not look like the characters they are supposed to portray. Light take on a hard hitting subject.


Okay, I really don’t want to bore you with History, Even though I feel like ‘The Cold War’ era is my passion. Do not go into this film expecting accuracy, it is a comedy about a leader’s death and a leader who was absolutely di-a–bol-i-cal. The humour in it is dark, like extremely dark but it has done something that hasn’t really been done before. It makes the Soviet Leaders look so ignorant and simple-minded, take that as you will. However, the guy that plays Stalin (Adrian McLoughlin) looked more like Albert Einstein. Steve Buscemi who played Nikita Khrushchev looked more like he should have been asked to play Lavrentiy Beria whilst Simon Russell Beale who played Lavrentiy Beria should have played Nikita Khrushchev. That was the only thing that annoyed me about the film. HOWEVER despite not looking like the originals they played their parts amazingly… I feel like we don’t see enough of Steve Buscemi sometimes. Jason Isaacs is comical as soon as he enters the film. The Northern accent he uses really plays out as well.

That is another good thing about the whole film. The actors aren’t actually putting on corny Russian accents throughout. They just have American and British ones. It is really really hilarious. It got so many belly laughs from me and the full screen of people. You really get a chance to laugh at Leaders idiotic games to get to the top and see how tisted, sick and far they would go… BACKSTABBERS *cough*. You can’t help but laugh at them. The opening scene is hilarious and the humour just carries on throughout. It is 1hr 45minutes long and it didn’t feel all. I wasn’t sat there thinking how and when will this end? It was much more of.. it’s over? that was quick.

I really can’t fault this film apart from the characters messing with my mind but I think that is just me and the Historian within me wanting everything to be accurate (even though I knew it wasn’t accurate going in)

Please, Please Please if you love History, hate the soviet union leaders and want a really good laugh then watch this film. I can’t recommend it enough. I am hoping to have more films like this in the future…