My Thoughts on…

Hey Guys. It has been a while but I have condensed my thoughts onto one page. Just for you. How lucky are you? Please let me know what you think because I need to get back into this whole blogging thing again.


Happy New Year and a different kind of resolution?

New Year can be a tricky time for some people. I find it hard to let the new year into my life. This post is negative but it is allowing me to get into the right frame of mind. I apologise and I know most of the things I say are because I am negative ninny and most of them are probably what I have made up in my head.

The Ordinary Review. (MAKE UP AND SKINCARE)

Hey Guys, I thought I would do a quick review on a few products from Deciem and The Ordinary. It is a little different from my normal film review so don't take it as if I know my stuff. It is just a personal opinion. I hope you like it and feel free to leave comments and likes or whatever. P.S Please follow my Instgram to keep up to date with my life and if I haven't posted on here in a while then I will always be on Insta. @enchantedthoughtsblog Thanks for all the love. Abigail.

Blade Runner 2049 Review!

Quick Review for the new film by Denis Villeneuve! Its a personal rating for Blade runner 2049! Check it out. It is nothing big or special and I don't really expect you to like it or agree with me but hey everyone likes listening to others opinions and I do love a good old movie trip! Abigail.