Kingsman: The Golden Circle


Okay, Overall… 3 out of 5 Pugs from me. Now, I am going to be biased because I do love Kingsman and it will forever be one of my favourite films and it has pugs… I am a sucker for pugs (and Taron Egerton). However this film is not by any means a good as the first one. The first one will go down as the film that everyone thought looked crap and cheesy but when they watched it…absolutely loved it. I know that four stars is generous for this film but I think I have rose-tinted glasses. I can hear the arguments forming already.

Reasoning as to why I have given this film three stars is because to me… It is a good second film, stand-alone it would be good. It is just that the original film is so good that it doesn’t deserve the five stars unless it tops it, and it doesn’t. The cast is amazing and Julianne Moore is the right amount of insane to make it a proper Kingsman film. Plus it has pugs and Taron Egerton, need I say more? The action is good however the fights scenes are incredibly dragged out. I would have preferred more fighting just in shorter scenes. There is one bit with Julianne Moore and it was completely insane and I love it. Just wanted to see more of scenes like that. The ending of the film also wasn’t necessary. I felt like that was just added to make you feel more emotional and attached and it did not work for me.

Quick note to you all – I am finding this one really hard to talk about without giving spoilers and I always say they are spoiler free.

Just know that it is a good film, with long action scenes. Everything is explained and you aren’t left wondering how that linked in or why it is important to the film. You will either love or hate the scenes with Elton John in them. You may not like the ending because it seems super far-fetched and stupid.  You get a good dose of Taron and Channing. Jeff Bridges is cool as hell in it. Julianne Moore has the right amount of insane. It is a good easy watch, funny and action packed. Just not as good as the first one.

Let me know what you thought?



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