The Snowman

3 CB.pngOkay so this got two and a half coffee beans out of five (I didn’t want to use snowmen because that is predictable). Overall it was worth a watch just to see Fassbender with no top on but towards the end you’re kinda just like… REAALLLYYY…WHY?!

You will enjoy the film if… you like suspense, you like Fassbender, you like twists and endings left wide open.

I’m going to try to not spoil it but there are no big spoilers to be honest. I mean we figured out who the snowman killer was when we first got introduced to them and then we just waited to be proved right. Me and my boyfriend have a signal that if we aren’t enjoying the film then we let the other person know that we want to leave and its then up to the original person choosing the film if we wanna go or not (The films are free for us to watch so we don’t mind just leaving half way through). Ryan felt like it wasn’t grabbing his attention, however I wanted to stick it out until the end because it somehow got me interested despite the drawn out and unanswered scenes. The whole film is just average and nothing special. It has been done before so it isn’t going to be a film that I will remember in ten years but either way I have watched it with no regrets.

The film itself has its own personal touch to it and leaves clues throughout and that is one way in which makes it that little bit different. It is very well filmed and I think the whole aspect to it is clever it’s just that some scenes really aren’t needed.

Whenever a film ends Ryan likes to talk about the thesis to the film and what he liked and how it is all explained.  He is super passionate about it all, HOWEVER he really could not understand how some scenes fitted into the film. There is one scene in particular that is still in my mind and I can’t think as to why they even needed to put it in there? I somehow feel it was to make a character look bad and give motive to what people think of him, but even then there is actually no need for the Character in the first place. So then I come back to my original thought of why is that scene even in there? The ending as well, why would you even do that? What does it answer apart from nothing? It just left the audience going eh? What? Why?

I wouldn’t say it is scary either, people went into that film thinking it was going to be scary. I jump as easily as a grasshopper but that? It got nothing from me. I can’t even understand how that got to be a Horror or even stand in the same Genre as a Horror. It is just a film, with police… working out a murder case (… well a few but whatever)

This is actually a really hard review because nothing even happened in the film that is even worth talking about but I still feel the need to talk about it because some people are actually going to be interested in the film. I don’t think the film is worth a watch unless you are really big fan of Fassbender.

Pros –

  1. Good cast
  2. Small clues that make it stand out
  3. Nice winter setting.

Cons –

  1. Too long and pointless scenes
  2. Super crappy ending
  3. Weird flashback moments that weren’t needed

Again this review is just my personal opinion and is just a bit of fun so don’t take it too seriously..

What did you think of The Snowman?



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