Thor: Ragnarok Review!


Overall – 4 weird Thor’s out of 5. Extremely funny, similar sort of humor to Guardians of the Galaxy… The humor was the second strongest thing about the film (first being my main man…Hulk). Basic Marvel storyline, nothing really surprised or shocked me and I feel like the after credit scenes weren’t really worth the wait either.

Things I liked – Thor, Thor… THOR! Where to start eh? The humor? That is a very good place to start (I feel like the song do re mi tune is starting to kick in) I love love loved the humor. They really let Chris Hemsworth be Chris Hemsworth and it worked. The irony is that Thor is made out to be sort of an idiot throughout and made to look young and naïve yet he is arguably the most powerful out of the group. I like the way Hulk is made to be more human, with more engagements with people. Ruffalo himself is actually really funny and the on-screen banter between them both is really good. It is a super strong friendship and that is the only on-screen relationship that we actually see… super refreshing to watch. I love Rom-Coms and Romantic films don’t get me wrong but Thor featured nothing of the sort. There is no will they won’t they moments, again super refreshing and it really wasn’t needed. It was all about Thor and his relationships with the on-screen characters and let me tell you that the women in this particular film… well… they don’t need no man! The one-liners they produced and the awkward humor was something I relate well with. It was a mix of humor from Spiderman and the humor from Guardians of the Galaxy. I don’t think it would have been as funny without Chris. Everything was spot on, the fight scene wasn’t too heavy and long. It was long, fun and energetic enough to keep young minds fixed on the screens. Women also got there Hemsworth torso fix throughout the film.

The reasons it didn’t get 5 Weird Thors – Well, one main reason is that as much as I loved the humor there is one joke at the beginning that is particularly overplayed and it felt somewhat cheesy. I felt like some of the jokes were really being pushed to be funny and it really didn’t need it. Especially when the film actually kicked into gear. One other reason is that… look… I know it is a film about Thor and yeah it will, therefore, be all about Thor…but… I kinda wanted more Hulk? I know that’s a personal opinion but the relationship between them both is super fun and I wanted more of that. I really like Hulk, like I am super on the Hulk Train more than any of the Avengers and I have a love-hate relationship with all the Hulk films. I just needed more Hulk as a fix. Some people disagree which is fine but it is my review so back off 😉

Final review – Mad as a box of frogs, super fun, and some really good belly laughs. It is the best Thor film for sure. However, some humor felt really pushed and unnecessary. The reason it isn’t getting five stars is that… Spiderman and Guardians of the Galaxy are slightly better.

Let me know what you thought about Thor?



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